Technologies have made people’s life better than before, changing technologies have changed people’s lifestyle. Recently china has tested a hovercraft, which rolls out onto street without wheels. We can say it as a flying car. We have never seen car like this.

Flying car

A renowned company Volkswagen has made this car. This car has disc-shaped pod sheats for two people, and it is controlled by a joystick. Hover car can move at any sides in a fantastic way. Another function of the hover car is auto pilot. It has voice recognition and can be activated on commands. It moves according to the traveling speed and its distance to other cars. It calculates the ideal speed. if it detects any danger, it will break automatically.

Hover car is coolest and musical car. The driver can change the exterior color of this car within a close of second, as per his choice of music. This car has an advanced touchscreen Smart key, which features information about crucial vehicle functions.

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